About Me

My name is Caitlin and I am a nail polish addict. I paint my nails everyday, unless something happens and I am too busy but I can usually find time to slap on something. I have severe polish ADD. I wasn't always this bad, in fact I could go for weeks wearing the same colour. Growing up I was a really bad nail biter, like down to the quick, until I bled, flimsy nails. I actually attribute nail polish to my recovery. I can remember the exact manicure that started everything: Black base with opalescent glitter. BOOM! Okay well it wasn't quite that easy but that was the start.
My nails are all natural, I've never had fake nails unless you count the one time for halloween when I had stick on claws.

My true passions in life are my animals. My female akita: Briar Rose, and my 2 arabian geldings: Breezer & Timmi. During the summer I show Breezer in Hunter Pleasure on the AHA Region 17 A Circuit. I have the most fantastic and supportive Coach and show team. Needless to say those days spent at the barn are not the friendliest to my nails.

I can't make any guarantees about the quality of my pictures mostly because I have no place to put a light box and I do all my nails in my basement. That being said with time comes small improvements so stay with me!

Briar Rose

Breezer and his alter-ego Puckzilla

Timmi aka Pigpen