Tuesday, July 17, 2012

NYX - Tahitian

Hey guys,

So before I get super sidetracked I need to make this short and sweet.
So I started making a t-shirt quilt this weekend. So far it's a hot mess. Let me tell you I better not have chopped up my t-shirts for NOTHING haha
Anyways k moving on I've finally been getting through a bunch of half watched box sets and can now move onto unwatched box sets YAY. On the docket? Torchwood I'm 1.2 episodes in. So far so good.

Today I have a swatch I've been sitting on forever,
this is
NYX - Tahitian

So I used to be madly in love with NYX until Lindsay actually read the teenie tiny printing on the back and discovered that it's in fact not Big 3 free like I just randomly assumed (shame on me)
Now while I can still appreciate the brand and some of the great colours I now have to love it slightly less.

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