Whats your favourite brand of polish?
Top Five
1. A England
2. OPI
3. Zoya
4. China Glaze
5. Picture Polish

Whats your favourite polish colour?
Red. Red. Red. Red.
(with purple in close second)

What kind of polish remover do you use?
 I have come to discover that Zoya Remove+ is the most amazing stuff on the planet I will never stray.

Whats your skin tone colour?
Beats the heck out of me... never-seen-daylight pale?

Whats your least favourite nail trend?
Honestly. Lately I've been fairly open to everything. But those Duck nails going around a while ago were terrible.

Do you buy all your polish?
Aside from ones friends and family have given me as gifts, yes as of right now I buy all my own polish and my bank account hates my addiction.

How did you get so good at painting your nails?
Practice, practice, practice. I still get lazy and make mistakes but that's life.

What do you use for your nail art?
I mostly use Orly's Instant Artist water based paints, they work great. I also just use a liner brush I got from Born Pretty Store. I've also been known to use dotter tools, straws, and sponges.

Are your nails real?
Yes, 100% yes.