Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sally Hansen - Chrome Turquoise

Hey guys,

Today I have a SUPER oldie for you guys. I don't really know why I bother posting these super old polishes, but heck if they still work why not? I don't even want to guess how old this is (at least 10 years) You can even see where this polish exploded a bit when I used to keep all my polish in a make up bag. I would need one huge effing make up bag to fit my collection in now.

This is your typical super mirror-y foil, brush stroke city but super fast dry type and opaque in one coat. However I did two just for good measure.

This is
Sally Hansen Chrome - Turquoise

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  1. Man I wish I didn't throw way my old polishes! I used to have the most pathetic collection of Wet N Wild Halloween polishes from the late 90s, lol.


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