Thursday, April 25, 2013

Different Dimension - Vervain

Hey guys,

So I'm trying to move back to posting one polish per post (this obviously won't be the case 100% of the time) and this should hopefully slow down my polish hoarding. Right now I'm joining in on a "Low-buy" with my NPBFF Melissa in an effort to be able to afford a pair of Black Milk leggings. So there will be less Swatch Spam and more spotlights.

I recently went on an indie buying spree with my tax return money (in retrospect I could have bought my leggings with that money) so you will be seeing a bunch of indies trickling through here in the next little bit. 
One of the brands I picked up was Different Dimension. Now every polish I bought from them I LOVED! You will see them all shortly. 

This is
Different Dimension - Vervain

This is part of their Vampire Diaries collection, and while none of the other polishes in this collection really did anything for me I loved this one, I apparently have a big thing for white based glitters right now, or jelly glitter polishes.
This was two coats with one coat of SV over top.

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  1. Massive low buy fail on our part, lol... But it's ok... How often do those things go on sale, right?

    Also I love this crelly glitter, I am all over this.


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