Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rainbow Honey Random Swatches

Hey guys,

So back when I decided to purchase Rainbow Honey's Equestria collection I discovered that if I spent $100 that I then received both of their limited edition polishes as a free gift. What did someone say free gift? Of course I was in. I was already $80 deep so heck why not shoot for $100? (now I see they dropped the whole set price $10 but whatever). Oh and I'm an idiot and the blue in the collage below is not the blue in the post so... surprise.
First is one of the free gift polishes I received This is a gold glitter with red heart shaped glitter and some scattered red glitter. This needs to be swatched over black but here it is over a dark berry and I think it works too. We all know I suck at picking base colours for glitter. I got to just start swatching all glitter over black and be done with it. The heart glitter took a bit of placement but it wasn't too hard to fish out of the bottle. This was two coats.

 Dearly Beloved
(Over Julep Joan)

Next is the other free polish I received. My whole I need to just watch everything over black applies here too. This is a more gold based opal glitter with opalescent heart shaped glitter. Same situation with the heart shaped glitter as before. I think out of the two freebies this one would be my fave. Very pretty and girly. This was two coats.

My Love
(Over NOPI Selena)

This was one of two mini polishes I grabbed, I discovered I am not a fan of the Rainbow Honey mini bottles, while cute, the brush is way too short and I kept hitting my nail with the cap which is not a problem I've ever had before. That being said I totally dig this shimmery blue based glitter. This was two coats.

Siren Song
(Over NYX Thunder)

Next is the other mini I grabbed. This one I actually like over the base I chose. It's black glitter with some holo glitter, and some big gold hexes. A mish mash of stuff. Love it. This is two coats.

The God of Destiny
(Over Julep Marion)

Next up is probably my favourite of the extras I bought. This was fully opaque in two coats. I'm not even sure what about this I love so much there is just something really different about it, I want MORE just like this one, MORE I tell ya!


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  1. Initially I was all over My Love but the more I saw of Dearly Beloved, the more I was regretting my choice. Luckily I got my hands on a bottle after the fact with my last major RH order. I hear that their new mini bottles are improved but hold less... But that's OK because apparently these ones are only good for a couple of goes and then it's a bitch to get out the formula. :(

    Kitsune is the best... Actually that whole set is so good.


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