Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Enchanted Polish - Across The Universe

Hey guys,

I'm sure like many of you I was super stoked when NPC started carrying Enchanted Polish. Thank god I was on the Pre-Buy list too so I was able to grab all the ones I wanted (6 in total). Everything about Enchanted Polish speaks to me, like the castle on the label? Beautiful. These are a bit hard to photograph for me seeing as I rarely have sunlight to photograph in and I don't have a light box so I'm going to do my best so these will be pretty picture heavy so as a result I'll be posting each of these separate instead of all together.

First up is the one I wanted from the very beginning. This one is a teal/purple/yellow duochrome with holo shimmer as well. This is one coat over black.

This is
Enchanted Polish - Across The Universe

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  1. Well fuck. I want this.

    It's similar to Ozotic 505 but this has A SHIFTING SHIMMER TOO, WHAT...


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