Monday, April 8, 2013

A England Swatch Spam

Hey guys,

So I don't know if this happened to any of you out there but it happened to me and it sucked. Back when A England had their 2nd Anniversary sale I jumped on it and ordered all the polishes that I didn't have yet. Well it wasn't long after I placed my order and was waiting for it that Adina announced that Royal Mail had begun destroying packages containing nail polish. Well my package fell victim to this and I never received my order. Adina refunded my money no problem and I was able to use my refund to purchase a good number of A Englands from Nail Polish Canada. However due to the price difference, I was unable to grab 4 polishes. This was helped because at the time 3 were out of stock so that pretty much solved that. Below are a good chunk of the ones I have. Even after the kerfuffle with Royal mail, A England remains my favourite indie brand.

First up we have Elaine, a dusty plum. Application on this was a breeze in two coats. The A England cremes are just wonderful to work with no patchiness at all, just pure creamy goodness.


Next is Excalibur, This one was hard to photograph and will probably be a bit hard to describe. While relatively easy to apply (brushstrokes will show but that's not surprising) This polish sits somewhere between a foil and a shimmer, I really don't know how else to describe it. This is two coats.


Next is another beautiful creme, again I'm just repeating myself on application here, 2 coats, smooth as butter. The usual


Next is something a little different. Iseult is a very pale pink with a gorgeous white shimmer. This one is super girly and reminds me of a polish someone would wear on their wedding day maybe? Who knows maybe I'll file this away in my memory banks for future use. This was a bit on the more sheer side so this is three coats.


Next is King Arthur a gunmetal grey that is less foily than Excalibur. This was two coats, with fairly easy application (again just watch for brushstrokes)

King Arthur

Last we have a beautiful blue shimmer. This was actually one I wasn't too excited about in the bottle but once I put it on wow. It just proves you shouldn't judge a polish by it's bottle shot! This was 3 coats as it was a bit more sheer.

Order of the Garter

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