Saturday, April 6, 2013

Nicole by OPI Glitters

Hey guys,

So today I have a few random NOPI glitterbombs for you. I've been sitting on these since Christmas and I think it's time to share them with you since I totally love 'em. These are all full coverage glitters and seriously just blow my mind. I have three for you today. And of course my mini collection of NOPI glitterbombs as I've been calling them got started off by my lovely best friend Nicole.

First up we have the polish that started the mini obsession (I can only say mini because 3 polishes doesn't equal to much of an obsession) Nicole gave me this one for my birthday in December and while initially I was like ooh this is really pretty once I wore it I was BLOWN away. This super dense gold glitter is also packed with multi coloured glitter and some holo in there as well. Talk about sparkly. This was two coats.

Disco Dolls

 Next up is another from the Kardashian Kolors collection and it's a super glittery mash up of blue, green & purple. This is two coats.

Kendall on the Katwalk

 Last we have a silver glitter with pink and blue glitter mixed in. This polish was so awesome, it was almost foil-like. Even a matte topcoat pretty much did nothing (bottom two pictures) this was two coats.

Look at Me, Look at Me

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  1. Man I love them all but I can't buy NOPI polishes because I can never find them at a fair price and the bottle shape bothers me. If they changed it, I would go for it but why does it look so saggy? Damn you NOPI.


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