Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lovely Hula Hands - Funky Flip Flops

Hey guys,

So my best friend Nicole was in Hawaii a couple weeks ago, (in hindsight I should have begged her to grab a bunch of Island Girl polishes for me) and she picked me up this polish. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect because the silver pigment in this had settled around the outside of the bottle, when I opened it up I discovered this crazy hot pink foil. I also discovered that this STUNK to high heaven, holy crap. I always roll my eyes when people (mainly boys) who complain about the smell of nail polish but there is no denying the fact that the smell is strong with this one. (Sorry I've been watching a lot of Star Wars) Anyways that being said application wasn't bad, this wanted to be a bit goopy but nothing some thinner wouldn't fix. This was two coats.

This is
Lovely Hula Hands - Funky Flip Flops

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  1. The Essie All in One base coat that I use makes a huge stink. I'd love to put it in the ring as a contender for the stench.


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