Thursday, April 18, 2013

Random Swatch Spam

Hey guys,

Today I just have some random swatches for you, these four polishes were all presents from Chelsea. I actually swatched one of them while I was dogsitting for her then she wound up giving it to me.
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First is one that I swatched while I was dogsitting over the Christmas break. This one actually is pretty close to NOPI's Shoot for the Maroon, I'm not sure if they are dead on dupes but if I'm not mistaken they are pretty close. Probably close enough to not need both. Unless of course you want both, then far be it from me to stop you. This was two coats.

Orly - Rococo A Go Go

Next is another cast off from Chelsea's collection. A dusty rose colour. I've banned myself from buying more Essies because I feel they are grossly over priced. Yet of course free is never over priced. I was actually pleasantly surprised. while I think this is more of a mom colour you never know when you'll need something like this. This was two coats.

Essie - In Stitches

Next up is one Chelsea gave me for my birthday it was apparently on my NPC wish list (who knew?) of course her reaction was "Yuck" because she really doesn't like browny polishes. This one was a tad on the sheer side so this is three coats. By itself this doesn't really do anything good for my skintone but as part as a bigger picture it could definitely be useful. This totally reminds me of a latte or some type of coffee.

China Glaze - Cashmere Creme

And last was a polish Chelsea DID like, this was one I saw on instagram and knew I had to have. This is one of those purples that when you look close you can see both the red and the blue shimmer making it up. Again this was a bit more sheer so this is three coats.

China Glaze - Senorita Bonita

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  1. Essie is disgustingly overpriced, yuck. They should be in the same range as Revlon at Shoppers at about $6. I got Rococo A Go Go ages ago at Winners but still haven't tried it. Like many of my polishes, lol.


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