Monday, April 22, 2013

April Julep Maven Box

Hey guys,

So I finally have my April Maven box to show you! This month I went for the Bombshell box because I loved the colours and I really wanted the Mighty cuticle oil pen/stick thing.
I loved this month's colours so I was pretty stoked although for some reason I never got the e-mail for the Secret Store (not that I would have bought anything) but seriously WTF Julep?
This month I also added on two more polish.

Okay lets get into it.

 Weee rock candy! (I actually gave it to my brother since candy isn't really my thing)
This is the cuticle stick. It's HUGE! I should have taken some more pics of this because you twist the one end and the other end is a brush that the cuticle oil comes out of.

Okay so I'll start with the polishes that came with the Bombshell box
First up is a blueberry shimmer. This is a really great BLUE blue. This went on nicely in two coats. Although brush strokes do show (as you can see on my ring finger, what happened there I don't even know)
This reminds me a lot of China Glaze Frostbite but I haven't compared the two side by side.


Next up is a Raspberry shimmer coloured polish. This one actually surprised me, I don't have anything that quite matches up to this (which is surprising because I am getting to the point where I have it ALL)
This was the same type of formula as Ally went on nicely in two coats.


Now for my add ons.
First up is a neony violet colour that of COURSE m camera thinks is blue. It's not it's a super rich violet. This one has a bit of a crelly sort of texture yet was opaque in two coats.


Lastly we have a lime green shimmer, same formula here as Ally & Janel.
This went on in two coats. This should be a great summer colour.


Oh and this was Briar as I was opening my box. She was obviously not nearly as excited as I was

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  1. I used Eden a couple of weeks ago and it looked gorgeous on but it peeled in a day. It was horrible! I won't use it again and I'm sad because I loved it.


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