Monday, April 15, 2013

piCture pOlish - Vampire, Paradise, Demeter

Hey guys,

Well it's the start of another week, hope you all had a great weekend. I did my best to stay as far away as possible from Etsy and NPC because I am on somewhat of a lax no-buy right now, as in I'm just going to try my best not to buy anything for a while. Of course it had to snow this weekend so I pretty much just hibernated and watched movies and played with my nail polish. Melissa scoffs at my untrieds pile which currently sits at 18 polishes which to me seems like a lot. I am trying to swatch and wear to hopefully help me from buying more polishes.
Anyways so today I have some piCture pOlishes for you guys (it absolutely drives me NUTS to type it like that, my OCD freaks out)

First is a collaboration shade from Katie from Harlow & Co. It's a chocolate brown scatter holo.
You can only grab this one from Harlow & Co. but I highly suggest picking it up if brown is your thing. The formula on this was an easy two coater and gave me zero problems. It's also named after a Greek god which makes me all sorts of nerd happy.


Next is another collaboration shade by Liquid Jelly. I was actually worried I had waited too long and had missed this but PP made it part of their permanent collection so I was able to snag it from NPC no problem.
This one went on nice in two coats even though it looks like it could be sheer on the first coat. It's a tealy blue shimmer base full of small purple & pink glitter with holo glitter in there too. It's harder to photograph, but so beautiful in person.


Next is a beautiful red jelly, this one was on my wishlist but when I ordered Demeter I wanted to grab something else to help justify shipping. So glad I grabbed this one. It's so super vampy and actually has a squishy-blood look about it which of course appeals to me. This was two coats but you could go for three for more opacity.


  1. Yum, I love Vampire and I still can't grasp Paradise. I swear it looks different every time I see it! I hate the way they're stylize piCture pOlish too. I always say in my head PICK!-ture POH!-lish...

  2. Ooo Vampire is beauuutiful!
    I too get hung up on the spelling, it feels weird to my eyes.
    I've somewhat put myself on a no-buy for now, although I might put an order through NPC when their Nfu Oh Aqua Base for holos comes back in stock, been waiting for it to put an order through.


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