Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pink Ombre Manicure & What to Do When You Fall Out of Love With a Brand?

Hey guys,

So first I want to talk about something thats been bugging me for a while and I want to talk about. I considered putting this in it's own post but decided in the end to stick it with random manicure instead. Feel free to just skip the part and head on down to the pictures below.

Anyways so something I've been thinking a lot about lately is "What do you do when you've fallen out of love with a brand or company?" This doesn't have to apply strictly to nail polish although in my case it does.
In my case this is Cult Nails. Now I really do like the polish itself (I almost feel like I'm in a "Don't bring the kids into this" position, the kids being the nail polish) It usually has a great formula and there are some really fun colours (Yes, Flushed & Charming I'm looking at you two). However I feel like I really just can't support the actual company. A couple months back when Cult Nails reached a milestone on Facebook they had a sale, right in the middle of my no buy. So of course me and a friend took to Twitter to whine about being in the middle of our no buy. We were totally both on board to break our no buy and splurge and hoard some more Cult Nails. When we actually got a reply out of Maria. All it said was "Sorry?" Now the adult in me is saying "Stop being a baby, suck it up"
Bottomline is I felt a little bit unappreciated as a customer. Whether or not it is justified.
Now I find myself looking at my polishes I have with a bit of resentment, then I feel guilty (polishes have feelings right?)
I wish this had happened after I had grabbed a few more polishes I (still) want, I wish I could be less immature about this.
So really what happens next? Guess only time will tell.

On a lighter less whiney note: I love a good ombre mani even though I tend to really suck at them (for some reason I aways pick a colour that just throws everything off) Anyways I thought this one was decent enough to share with you guys. I was rockin some pretty serious nubs when I did this too. blech I hate when my nails are that short however it has to be done sometimes. Then I topped all the pinks off with a coat of Zoya Chloe and then some Matte About You.

For this I used
Essie - Foot Loose
 Zoya - Whitney
OPI - If You Moust You Moust
OPI - Sparrow Me The Drama
OPI - Pink Friday
Zoya - Chloe

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  1. I was mildly horrified when I saw the title with a Zoya polish, lol. (Nice ombre by the way!)

    I used to think the folks over at Cult Nails were humble and I really liked that it was a family run company but it sucks when you've been helpful and loyal and the one time they acknowledge you was pure rudeness. Why couldn't they say nothing at all? They've said nothing all this time, after all. Apparently they think they're OPI or something.


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