Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Orly - Berry Blast

Hey guys,

So I spent all of last Thursday in Fort McMurray (to those of you non-Canadians that probably doesn't mean much) for work and while it was probably one of the longest most tiring days of my life, it also spurred a change you will be seeing soon on this blog. While working I somehow managed to gouge a huge chunk out of my middle finger nail. So when I got home I decided before filing all my nails down to nubs I wanted to try something first. Stilettos. Not creepy super long claw stilettos, but short baby stilettos. After looking at Manicure Addict's photos for a while now I've really warmed up to the idea of little stilettos. So I figured I'd test drive them for a while so in the future you'll be seeing some here and there.

Today I have a fun pretty pink for you.
This was two coats. Perfect for summer? I think so!

This is
Orly - Berry Blast

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  1. I miss Orly's old bottles. The new ones make them look so cheap. :/ Damn that is a nice pink though. I could never pull that off!


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