Saturday, April 20, 2013

OPI Oz Swatches

Hey guys

Today I have my two picks from OPI's Oz collection for you. I actually really kind of want the sheers in this collection as well but  had to prioritize and grab the two I thought I needed.

First up is a white square and iridescent square glitter topper. A lot of people have their panties in a twist over the white square glitter in this and how they aren't really perfectly square and some of them have tails on them. I can't say it bugged me, whatever I still really liked this. You had to place the white glitter a little but but it wasn't hard. This is two coats over SOPI Your Wish Is My Command.

Lights of Emerald City

Next is the liquid sand in the collection. by now you have to know that I love textured polishes and I love brown polishes. This one wasn't as sparkly as the Mariah Carey liquid sands but that doesn't mean I didn't totally still dig this. This was two coats.

What Wizardry Is This?

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  1. I really liked What Wizardry Is This with a top coat, which is a shame because that shouldn't be a fix for a textured polish. Those tail glitters still bother me, but I love the idea so damn much.


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