Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nathan Scott Manicure

Hey Ladies so we have the last OTH manicure today
The only manicure thats devoted to a One Tree Hill Guy.
Mr. Nathan Scott (aka my dream man)

So for this I used
OPI Atomic Orange & Sally Hansen Nail Art pen in Black for the basket ball
and Essie Blanc, Orly Nail Art in True Blue & Jet Black

Blue/Black/White are the Tree Hill Ravens colours and obvs 23 is Nathan's Ravens jersey number.

I also had a visit with my boys Crosby & Buddy
and heres a goofy pic of me and Crosby

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Haley James Scott Manicure

Hey Guys,

So we have the second last OTH manicure tonight.
Haley, so when I think of Haley what comes to mind is first of all lucky b*tch haha but then I think of an earthly good natured mother. I also think of her nasty poncho that Nathan always rags on, so for Haley I tried to do a marble technique with a dotter.... it didn't work as well as I wanted it to but I wasn't unhappy with it by any stretch.

I used OPI Warm & Fozzie
Zoya Apple

these two colours worked great together because they've both got a gold duochrome thing going on.

it actually reminds me of those carmel apple suckers you can get... mmm those are so good... actually I think I have a secret stash in my room, they're like a hundred years old. They're probably still good right?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Sprite Nails

Okay so just short quick post this time. Because I have to head off to bed like right away here. (sorry if the formatting in this post is off I'm doing this on my phone so if it is I'll fix it tomorrow probably
So today I have a funky French "sprite" manicure for you guys
For this I used
Orly Hook Up
Nails Inc Carnaby Street
NYX Tahitian
Sephora by OPI It's totally Karma

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fire Manicure

Hey lovelies,
So lately I've been trying to play with nail art a bit more. So when I was swatching Kat Von D's Sparklehorse, I decided it needed a bit of something.

This is my first fire manicure.
Using Kat Von D - Sparklehorse (next time I'll be using a base yellow with this colour because after 3 coats you could still see my nail line)
Orly Nail Art - Lovey Dovey
Color Club Art Club - Bright Orange & Bright Yellow

I loved these, the flames really popped.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Quinn James Manicure

Yay for a snowy saturday with absolutely no plans other than cleaning out my PVR and painting my nails. Seriously, when theres snow on the ground theres nothing better than just curling in in your favourite blanket (mine is Zebra print, obvs) perhaps with a hot coffee/hot chocolate/chai tea latte, maybe a book or a boxset of your favourite show?

Also super exciting so yesterday I was at Nicole's house dropping off some shoes and she told me that she has a bunch of polish to give me (Nicole always has fancy schmancy gel nails so she really has no use for polish other than on her toes) So yay second hand polish! haha

Alright moving on.
I have 1 of the last 3 OTH manicures for the month.
Today is Quinn James (Shantel VanSanten) the quirky cute photographer.

For my Manicure I used
Zoya Lo & Orly Nail Art Tweet Heart.
Then Essie Matte About You to top it off

Have a great saturday and for those in snowy areas stay warm!

Friday, February 24, 2012

OPI Turquoise Shatter

Hey guys,

so just a quick blurb today. Nothing too fancy.
Happy Friday, hopefully everyone has an awesome weekend planned whether it's chilling in sweats all weekend or big party plans.

I'm really trying to clear out old pics/swatches I have before posting the newer stuff I've done otherwise I'll wind up forgetting all about this stuff.

So I'm still in love with Shatters although depending on the colour/opacity sometimes it's hard to find a really good base colour, thats my only problem with them. if you ask me all shatters should be super pigmented.

Anyways heres OPI Turquoise Shatter.
and I believe the base colour is Essie Barbados Blue.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brooke Davis Manicure

Hey guys so good news! Tomorrow is Friday! Woohooo!

Today I have the next OTH manicure for all of you.
Miss Brooke Davis, who is my absolute favourite girl in the show. (Plus how can you not love Sophia Bush? the woman is amazing)

So I used OPI DS Extravagance as a base
Then Orly Nail Art in Jet Black & Rockin Robin.

This is probably my favourite manicure to date. I'm so in love with this.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Purple Sparkle Matte

Hey Guys,
so today was day two of my work course, and while I'm having a total blast with my co-workers who are taking the course with me, I totally miss my peeps at work (haha yep I said peeps) so getting back to my desk for the rest of the week will be nice (hopefully)

So today for you I have a post thats been kicking around my computer for a while. It's a manicure I did to make Chelsea happy (can't remember why exactly)
Here are some facts about my nail polish sidekick:
1) She loves purple.
2) She loves matte.
3) She loves sparkle/shimmer under matte.

So for this I used OPI Planks A Lot as a base colour.
Then NYX Fire (opalescent top coat)
NYX Graffiti (white holo sparkle)
and then Essie Matte About You to top it all off

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kat Von D - Mad Max

So I spent today at a course for work, and while I was totally killing the grade 8 math portion of the course I spent the whole day controlling my urge not to leap across the room and pummel this chick who was driving me absolutely banana crackers. She better pull up her socks tomorrow or I'm going to snap.

Today I have a super fun polish for you guys.
Kat Von D's Mad Max
now first a note, I used to be a huge Kat Von D fan (me having a huge love of tattoos and all) but recently I've fallen out of love with her but thats really neither here or there I still love her make up.

Anyways Mad Max is a shimmery-sparkly blue that has a purple tone when the light hits it (the pics don't do it justice so you'll just have to take my word for it)

I picked up one more Kat Von D polish with this one that I can't wait to try, there are 4 different colours so far. If I come into some money I'd love to get the two other ones.