Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Victoria Davis Manicure

Alright, so starting today you're going to notice some changes around here (not bad changes I promise)
First: You'll notice from now all I'm going to be watermarking all my pics (with the exception of just plain bottle shots) Chelsea is convinced that this will increase traffic and hopefully followers.
Second: I'm going to be either linking my personal twitter account or making a new twitter account. More likely I'll be making a new twitter account. I kind of like to keep my personal twitter account on lock mostly because it's just a lot of really random things... pretty sure you guys don't need to be flooded with junk like "omg (insert hot guy's name here) just took his shirt off on (insert random tv show here)" haha so we'll see about that
Third: I'm going to be adding a "About Me" and a "NSFAQ" (Not so requently asked questions)

Also... I know there are several of people who like to read my blog daily or once in a while. Heres the scoop.... take a moment to scroll down to the bottom of the page. Back? okay great. Did you see the thing that said "Followers" now do me a favour and click "Join This Site"
For every person who follows me I will give a child a puppy.

Okay thats a lie but you will make me very very very happy. Like I've just been wrapped in a quilt knit by puppies.

Okay thats all I have to say right now.

On to the nails!
Next up in our One Tree Hill series is Mrs. Victoria Davis.
Victoria started off as an awful evil villian, but now I've grown quite fond of her.

Anyways here we have China Glaze Haunting with matte tips.

This is 2 coats of polish

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