Saturday, February 25, 2012

Quinn James Manicure

Yay for a snowy saturday with absolutely no plans other than cleaning out my PVR and painting my nails. Seriously, when theres snow on the ground theres nothing better than just curling in in your favourite blanket (mine is Zebra print, obvs) perhaps with a hot coffee/hot chocolate/chai tea latte, maybe a book or a boxset of your favourite show?

Also super exciting so yesterday I was at Nicole's house dropping off some shoes and she told me that she has a bunch of polish to give me (Nicole always has fancy schmancy gel nails so she really has no use for polish other than on her toes) So yay second hand polish! haha

Alright moving on.
I have 1 of the last 3 OTH manicures for the month.
Today is Quinn James (Shantel VanSanten) the quirky cute photographer.

For my Manicure I used
Zoya Lo & Orly Nail Art Tweet Heart.
Then Essie Matte About You to top it off

Have a great saturday and for those in snowy areas stay warm!

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