Tuesday, February 7, 2012

OPI Significant Other Color

Hey Ladies,

So I'm going to stray a bit from polish for a moment so bear with me.
2 days ago I started reading The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant
It's the story of the Michael Vick Pit bulls. If you're a dog lover I highly suggest reading it, the first 30 pages or so are a little rough emotionally but it's really good, a super interesting and heart breaking/warming story as is the case with most books about dogs.
I'm a huge fan of Pit Bulls, I've never met one who wanted anything but to smother you in kisses. In the future I would love to rescue a Pitty (there I'm putting that out to the universe).
Being the owner of a dog that comes from a breed who has it's own reputation problems, it breaks my heart to see dogs condemned due to public ignorance. First it was the Bloodhound, then the German Shepherd, then the Doberman, and now the American Pit Bull.

Okay thats my little animal rights speach (thats about as radical as I get)

So here I have another polish I bought for my mom that I wanted to test out.
OPI Significant Other Color
I think this is 2 coats. I won't lie I can't remember off hand as I did this a couple weeks ago.

Hopefully there is something more exciting tomorrow, I won't lie I'm pretty amped up about the whole Pit Bull dog fighting thing. I just needed to get it out of my system.

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