Saturday, February 18, 2012

Zoya - Stella

Hey guys,

Okay so first off I'm going to share my latest reality TV obsession - Ink Masters.
Now while I love watching this show I would just like to say that I think getting tattooed on this show would be the scariest thing ever, I don't want my tattoo artist under that kind of pressure when they're putting anything permanent on my body. Also I don't think I'd be okay with thinking my tattoo was badass until a bunch of judges rip it apart on TV haha that would be the worst.
Chelsea is getting her first tattoo right away here and I'm super stoked for her. Nicole is also getting another tattoo right away and basically I'm going nuts because I can't wait to get more ink.

Okay Tattoo word vomit over.

Nothing toooo fancy today just a nice beautiful red
this is Zoya Stella,

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