Friday, February 3, 2012

Essie Chinchilly

Hello Lovelies, nothing too exciting today just a swatch of a polish that I bought for my mom, and then some news about February's theme... (January was Princesses in case you didn't notice)

I don't know if every month will have a theme... I highly doubt it actually but inspiration strikes when I least expect it (thats code for in the shower)

Anyways February isssss..... *drumroll*

One Tree Hill Month!!!

yay! So everyone knows OTH is my absolute favourite TV show, and this year it ends. Forever. Yes I had a mild panic attack when this fact really sunk it, it caused crying and an impromtu DVD marathon which caused more crying.... yes I may have been PMSing at the time. Whatever. Anyways February will include nails inspired by the women of One Tree Hill... mostly. Many of these will probably just be a plain colour that I feel to represent a certain colours. Some will be more fancy (haha fancy, I like that word)

Okay so on to swatching!

This is Essie Chinchilly @ 2 coats.
love it.

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