Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Best of Chelsea's Collection

Finally the post (some of) you have been waiting for.
This past weekend I had the delightful pleasure of house sitting for my trusty sidekick Chelsea.
Along with the house came 2 of my new favourite men:

Mr. Sidney Bing Crosby.
... just Crosby to everyone.
The 10ish week old Golden Retriever.

And Buddy!
The 11ish year old Border Collie (who isn't a fan of pictures so I had to be sneaky)

Before housesitting Chelsea was like you can go through my polish and pick your favourites and blog about them.
So thats what I'm doing.

So Chelsea has her polish sorted by colour (some of the colour categories seem a bit sketchy to me but it's not my system so who am I to judge)

I had intended to only pick one colour but about 20 minutes after finishing my nails I had to fish a clump of dirt out of Crosby's mouth and there went my manicure... it wasn't very good to begin with, i didn't have any of my clean up tools so I just tried to do my best.

my first choice and favourite was
Essie-Size Matters.

very pretty, it went on a little thick but I'm still a fan.
This is 2 coats.

My second choice was
Zoya - Quinn.

It was actually very close in colour to Size Matters... but more pinkish.
The pictures aren't very good.
This is 2 coats again.

There you go, it only took about a week!!

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