Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hard Candy Glitters

Hey guys,

Okay so if you've been anywhere around instagram lately you've probably seen/heard the chatter surrounding the new Hard Candy polishes. Could it be? Fun indie-like glitters for about $4? Well going into this I wasn't interested. I have plenty of glitters and if I buy new glitters it will either be because they have a crazy fun name, are like nothing I have, or are from a tried and trusted brand. So what led me to adding these to my collection? We can blame Melissa for that. I was looking at my local Wal-Marts to see if I could find them to show her, maybe even grab a bunch and mail them out (sorry dude this didn't happen, I'm a horrible person)
Well I'm like a crow as soon as I saw how sparkly and shiny they were I was in trouble. I had to grab a couple. I grabbed four. Here are my choices

First up is a black, blue & silver glitter in a blue jelly base. Now I really liked this except for the bar glitter, the bar glitter is way too long making it really hard to get nicely on the nail. Overall I do really like this one. This is two coats over Cheeky Monkey Get Wet.

Birthday Bash

Next is a black and white matte glitter. None of the glitter in this is sparkly. This was the one Melissa really wanted, she wanted to know if it was a dupe for Cover Band's Sticks N Stones (I think, please correct me if I'm wrong) from what I can tell this is not an exact dupe but probably close enough to not need the hard to find indie. The bar glitter in this is the same as above so it's a bit of a pain but not impossible. This is two coats over Island Girl "Magic Mike"

Black Tie Optional

Next was the first one I picked up in my hand it's a red/pink/blue glitter combo. This also has that stupid long bar glitter in it. This is two coats over black.


Last I have probably my least favourite of what I picked up. I LOVED this in the bottle it's small mirco black matte glitter with larger pink hexes. This totally didn't excite me nearly as much on the nail. Maybe it's the colour I had it over (OPI's My Very First Kockwurst) or the fact the black glitter is matte and the pink isn't. Also taking this off was a total bitch. I had black micro glitter on my fingers for DAYS.


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  1. FFFFUUUUU- I *still* need Black Tie Optional! And yes, Cover Band's Sticks and Stones (which is a take on Lynderella's Connect the Dots, lol).... UGH. EXPECT MORE IMESSAGES AS I KEEP TRYING THIS WEEK, LOL.

    I think it's the only one I *really* want. :))


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