Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Glitter Gradient

Hey guys,

So the past week has been really rough for me & my family (lots of personal garbage going on) however of course that won't stop me blogging or at least if there is to be some sort of blogging hiatus I'll let you know. 
So this is a inspired by a manicure by Lacquer Me Silly that Nicole pinned on pinterest for me (See the original manicure here)  the colour combination is awesome, I didn't have the base or the glitter so I just improvised.

For this I used

Julep - Adrianna
Rainbow Honey - The Worst Thing Possible

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  1. I do wish The Worst Possible Thing built up more, I had a problem with it when I was doing my gradient and eventually I just gave up. I do love this colour combo though. UNF.


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