Monday, January 26, 2015

My Beauty Spot - "Cranberry"

Hey guys,

 So this is a brand I have seen several times at Winners, usually in some faux Ciate type packaging. I am always leery of buying brands I've never really heard of. That being said I acquired this one from my bestie Nicole, I'm pretty sure she got it in a subscription box. I tried googling it and really can't find anything about this brand other than a post or two here and there.

This colour is right up my alley and this was a colour the BF chose when I told him to grab a polish off the table for me to wear. I have to say this polish smells really bad. I couldn't find an ingredients list or anything so I have no clue if it is 3 free or not I just tried not to inhale. Otherwise application was nice.
This was two coats
This is
My Beauty Spot - "Cranberry"

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