Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kiss Nail Dress - Double Lutz

Hey guys,

So a while back Influenster sent me some press on nails to review, basically the way influenster works is they send you something then you have to review it and then complete "challenges" then if you complete all the challenges they send you a thank you gift. Well my thank you gift finally arrived.  It included another set of the press on nails and then a set of these Kiss Nail Dress nail strips.

So I thought I would try out these nail strips.
The only other nail strips I have tried are the Sally Hansen real polish ones. It doesn't really say but these aren't real polish, they're basically stickers. They come in a bunch of different sizes and this one has two different options for looks.
As far as instructions go there wasn't really anything too helpful about application or removal.
They didn't want to lay flat, and because they aren't made of polish you couldn't really stretch them to fit and lay flat.
So on my cinderella hand (eep yes there is a picture of it in it's misshapen glory) I tried to use a coat of SV to seal the edges, well THAT was a mistake, the top coat basically ATE the strip. Whoops.
Then there aren't any instructions on removal, I'm always leery of just peeling things off of my nails. But Apparently that is what you're supposed to do.

Anyways long story short I hated these, and for the price (I think about $7-$10 a pack) I will just buy the  Sally Hansen nail strips. Oh and my boyfriend said that my nails looked like they were wearing underwear. So that happened.

So my advice - Save your money.
Kiss Nail Dress - Double Lutz

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  1. They look okay, but I'm not into wearing these strips. Yikes that last photo looks bad - who would have thought that would have happened with a top coat :-|


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