Sunday, November 30, 2014

November Julep Maven Box

Hey guys,
So remember how last month I talked about how long it took for my box to get to me. Well this month was the exact opposite, I usually get my Julep boxes about mid month but this month my box arrived within days of me getting the shipping confirmation. All in all I was super impressed! If Julep is turning over a new leaf with their shipping department then I know a LOT of people will be happy.
I loved this month's box such great colours.
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 Oceanic silver shimmer
This was two coats.

 Liquid garnet shimmer
This was two coats. I think this is my favourite out of the group I loved this one so much.

 Slate grey with fuschia microshimmer
This was two coats. I loved this grey, although the purple microshimmer was a bit hard to see in the pictures.

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  1. Nice selection of colours :-) Kiki and Devon are standouts for me :-)


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