Saturday, May 9, 2015

Born Pretty Store Chrome Shiny 3D Nail Art Studs Review

Hey guys,

So tonight I have my second product review from the Born Pretty Store I wanted to do this sooner but then I had to chop my nails off and life just generally got rather hectic, who knew May was such a crazy busy month.
When it came to choosing my second product for review these duochromey "crystals" caught my eye.

Well they aren't real crystals just jewel shaped plastic with a duochrome metallic coating. Still they are quite striking. I would have loved to have tried these out on my longer nails however my poor nails have taken a lot of abuse lately so I decided to cut them short to hopefully encourage some healthier growth. 

 First I painted my nails in my desired colours then I used a dotting tool and dotted top coat where I wanted to place my jewel. Then I used the other end of the dotting tool which I had gently dotted in top coat to pick up and place the gem. Overall quite easy. Although I feel like I should have stuck with the smaller gems on my tiny sad nails.

Well after a day of wear I had picked them all off because that's just how I roll, also the finish had worn away on some of the gems closer to the tips of my nails. I think these would be perfect for a special occasion or night out but maybe not the most practical for a lasting manicure.

Head over to the Born Pretty Store to get some of your own.
Use the Coupon Code CABK31 to get 10% off.
**This product was provided by the Born Pretty Store for my honest review**

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