Monday, May 18, 2015

Born Pretty Store - Starry Night Nail Foil Strips

Hey guys,
So tonight I have my last product review from the Born Pretty Store I'm not always a fan of nail strips I love the Sally Hansen ones, but I HATED the Kiss ones. For far my experience has been that the real polish ones are great but the sticker ones stink. That being said I'm always up to try new things so why not see what BPS had to offer, plus these were just so pretty.

 Well these turned out to be the sticker ones, which means they're easy to apply and easier to peel off.
I so wish I had my long nails with these so I could have gotten more of the starry design on them. 
I chose each sticker based on the width for my nails.

I found it was easiest to pinch the ends together since I have a fairly string c-curve in my nail and I find this helps the edges on the nails from popping up.

Then I smoothed out the edges on my nails pressing firmly. I had troubles with my index finger since the strip was a bit too wide and unlike the polish ones you can't really stretch these ones to fit your nails.
Then I snipped off most of the excess and used a nail file to finish it up.

I found that the edges were left kind of rough (even after using a fine nail file) and wanted to lift pretty easily if I wasn't careful, however they survived a bath and a long weekend, with a bit of TLC and care (ie. being really gentle to my nails) Then they were really easy to remove and just peeled right off.

Bottomline: These aren't my favourite as I prefer the non-sticker type nail wraps but in a pinch these work and if you're not super skilled at nail art they make it pretty easy to get a fun manicure.

Head over to the Born Pretty Store to get some of your own.
Use the Coupon Code CABK31 to get 10% off.
**This product was provided by the Born Pretty Store for my honest review**

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