Sunday, September 20, 2015

Born Pretty Store - Dragon Stamping Plate

Hey guys,

So tonight I have another product review from the Born Pretty Store. I was fairly stoked when they asked me to do another round of reviews for them. It gives me a really good opportunity to try some new stuff out.

This time around I thought I would go for some different types of products, so I picked up two stamping plates, some water decals, and some appliques.

First up we have this dragon stamping plate.

You guys all know I am the first person to admit that I SUCK at stamping. One day I really want to spend some time and really work on my skills. But I think patience is key in stamping and I never seem to have that.

I've never used a plate like this with one large design on it, but I love dragons so it seemed like a good one to invest in.

I used Formula X - Surreal over black.

Honestly I am quite impressed with how this turned out. I would definitely say that any imperfections are due to my own lack of stamping skills than the plate.

Head over to the Born Pretty Store to get one of your own.

Use coupon CABK31 to get 10% off.

**This product was provided by the Born Pretty Store for my honest review**

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