Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Beautifully Disney - Pop Of Minnie Set

Hey guys,

I'm really sorry for going MIA but I've had some family stuff going on behind the scenes here and life has been just a little bit crazy so I can't promise much this month. I'll try to keep you posted. However if I suddenly vanish into the ether a bit please forgive me as there is just a lot of stuff going on.

Today I have another of the discontinued Beautifully Disney mini sets for you. I also got this one while I was in Disney World with my cousin. This wasn't my favourite of the ones I bought but if greens and oranges are your thing this may be for you.

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Dots or Nothing
Sp this was a black and white matte glitter top coat. Theres no sparkle to this but it totally fits with the "Mod" theme of this collection.
This is one coat over Poptimistic.

Orang' You Cute
This was one of the three creme polishes in this collection. I'm not a massive fan of orange since it usually makes me look sick however I just really don't think this one was that bad all in all.
This was three coats.

So this was probably my favourite polish of the group. This is realistically the one I would get the most use out of. It was a bit more sheer than I expected and it dried into a satin finish as most neons do.
This was three coats.

Oh Mod Mouse
Last up we have this yellow-green number I believe it was a bit more green in real life but to be completely honest my memory is failing me right now and as I'm not at home I can't stand up and go check.
This was more opaque than Poptimistic. And is actually quite springy and cute.
This was three coats.

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