Saturday, September 19, 2015

OPI - Rollin' In Cashmere Gwen Stefani Set

Hey guys,

So I think by now we can all agree that I have completely dropped the ball on this year as far as timely posting goes. For instance, I got this for CHRISTMAS from my nail polish BFF. Swatched and wore it forever ago and am just NOW getting around to posting it. Ugh lifes priorities.

This is the Rollin in Cashmere set from OPI.
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Rollin' In Cashmere
First up we have the collection's namesake. This is a satin finish gold polish.
Usually golds are not something that is flattering on my skin but maybe it is the satin finish of this one but I really liked it. The shimmer in it does lend itself to being brush strokey but I don't think it diminishes the beauty of this guy.
This was two coats.

Comet In The Sky
Next up we have the black/iridescent glitter topper. I should have worn this over a different colour as I don't think the gold did this justice. Maybe a light grey? Thoughts?
Anyways this is full of large hexes which involved a bit of fishing which I find OPI large glitters usually need but overall nothing really bad.
This is one coat over Rollin' In Cashmere.

Snow Globetrotter
This is the sister to Comet in the Sky, basically instead of black we have white glitter. I think the choice I made here in a base colour made a big difference. This was quite beautiful.
This is one coat over Julep-Ilsa

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