Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Secret Circle Balcoin Nails

Hey guys,

So I had wanted to post yesterday but Lindsay and I had decided to drop in to one of Chelsea's Boot Camp classes. Okay so on a side note Chelsea is amazing and totally knows exactly what she's talking about and is a great person to talk to if you want fitness advice. If you're an active person her boot camps are for you
Check her out here
That being said, I am NOT a fit person my physical activity level is pretty much a ZERO. So I am all kinds of sore today. EVERYTHING hurts! I thought I was going to puke or pass out pretty much the whole time.

So thats why I missed posting. I went to bed at 9 cause I'm a huge baby.

So moving on to my nails.
I learned this week that one of my new favourite TV shows was cancelled :( The Secret Circle. So on twitter I noticed a website who wanted people to draw the Balcoin family symbol and they were going to make a video montage and send it to the CW so I though heck it can't hurt.

So with The Balcoin symbol on my thumb this is my Secret Circle/Balcoin manicure

I used OPI DS Magic (seemed appropriate)
OPI DS Temptation (also appropriate)

for the rest of my nails


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