Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A England - Ophelia

Hey guys,

So I had a bit of a rocky road with Ophelia.
I was cursed with a bottle with a funky brush
Okay yes, as far as funky brushes go I've certainly seen worse. (My Essie Cocktail Bling brush is by far the worst)

But it did make application a pain in the butt, it was all lumpy and goopy and not precise and beautiful like the rest of the A Englands.
So I did what most people do when they've been cursed with a #firstworldproblem (yes I just hash tagged my blog) I took to twitter. And within a day the lovely Adina of A England had tweeting me back telling me to drop her a line with my address and she'd send me a new brush. MY NEW BRUSH IS IN THE MAIL.
No but seriously. This is the beauty of indie brands, customer service. I hardly see Essie sending me a replacement brush for my crappy Cocktail Bling.

Wow sorry that transformed into a bit of a half-rant

Anyways so while shotty application, Ophelia is still a beauty.

This is
A England - Ophelia

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