Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Steel Day Manicure

Hey guys,

Okay so first a bit of a rant. I hate when websites for retailers don't offer an online catalogue or online shopping. (Yes Dollarama, I'm looking at you. Why do you even have a website??) That way I can happily browse from my home before trekking into 100+ stores to find whatever I'm looking for. (In this case LED candles for cheap) I hate shopping for anything other than Nail Polish, Horse stuff & DVDs. So the search continues. Wish me luck.

Moving on, So every September my company participates in Steel Day, which in essence just educates people about our field of work and gives them the opportunity to come have a tour etc. Now I'm clearly a little late posting this but this was my manicure. The flat studs were from the Born Pretty Store.
For this I used

China Glaze - Hook And Line

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