Saturday, September 28, 2013

Comic Book Heroes: Black Widow

Hey guys,

So I'll be keeping this short and sweet since I want to get a bunch of stuff done today but first a question:
So this year for christmas my Mom & Brother got me and my Dad certificates for a two day trail ride trip down in the mountains. Anyways obviously after Dad passed away I knew it was obviously something I couldn't do without him, not yet anyways. So we were able to get their money back so my Mom just gave me the cash and I decided to put it towards my leg sleeve. Anyways my artist isn't open for appointments until December so I have this money burning a hole in my pocket. I so badly want to just spend it on polish and worry about my tattoo later... anyways polish or save?

Okay so I think Scarlett Johannson is amazing. Like really, huge girl crush. I saw Don Jon yesterday, she's better in the Avengers but anyways in honor of the awesome Natasha Romanov.

Black Widow!


  1. I would totally save it for the leg sleeve! I know how impossible it is to /not/ spend it now, but tattoos are always better ;)
    What kind of sleeve do you have going btw?

    1. I know! I wish they weren't so dang expensive though! I have a Medieval/Sleeping beauty themed sleeve going on :) I'm one or two sitting away from being finished

    2. Haha yeah that's the worst part. My sleeve took 3 years/sessions to complete too, because I never had the money, but it's so totally worth the wait really :)
      Mmm it sounds very cool!


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