Monday, September 30, 2013

Comic Book Heroes: Superman

Hey guys,

I did save my favourite super hero until last. Yup I love pretty much ALL things Superman, that being said you really think I probably could have pulled out a better manicure and really one that didn't get smudged (I swear I'm working on that and getting better!)

So me being me was listening to the Nerdist podcast because it is the greatest thing ever and Chris Hardwick is AMAZING (Melissa knows how I feel about him)  anyways, so he was talking to Doug Jones and was like someone like you should play Superman, and when Doug was like ummm have you seen me? And Chris was like wait hear me out, and went on to talk about how if Superman really existed in real life he would most likely be built like Doug Jones because to build up muscle mass like Superman is always depicted with your muscles need to first break down, which obviously wouldn't happen to Superman because of his abilities. And his muscles aren't what make him strong anyways, it's just the way mankind perceives strength. Anyways I just found that super interesting and kind of can't get it out of the back of my mind, and I thought I would share.

This also wraps up our month of Comic Book Heroes! Stay tuned for whats coming up!


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  1. Man seeing this still gives me guilt that I haven't seen Man of Steel. Also I've totally warmed up to your bf Chris after seeing all the Talking Bad episodes. :)


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