Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Julep Maven Box

Hey guys,

Today I have Julep's April maven box to show you guys. I love spring colours! I wanted to love this whole collection and upgrade. However there was a few dupes in the collection so instead I just picked two polishes that stood out, and got the sea salt spray for hair which I've wanted to try for a while. Then added on their new silver holo. Why did I do that? because I'm crazy
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Cerulean wave duochrome
This is a gorgeous blue duochrome with a purple flash. This was two coats.

 Blue violet iridescent chrome
I loved this one, a perfect blurple. This was two coats.

Silver linear liquid holographic
Aaah another silver holo why do I keep buying these I HAVE SO MANY. This one is fairly mediocre however more holo-y than Rebel was.
This was two coats

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