Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Born Pretty Store Stamper Review

Hey guys,

So a few weeks ago I was approached by the Born Pretty Store to review some products. I chose three products and tonight I have the first one to show you tonight. 

So a while ago I saw someone talking about these "squishy" stampers and how they work so much better than your average stampers since they are much bigger and super squishy. So I figured that would be my first choice seeing as I SUCK at stamping. I also have very few stamping plates so sorry for the lame design. I need to get some full  nail stamping plates.

The stamper also comes with a scraper.
I personally think a old credit card works better so I probably won't use this that much

So at first I could NOT get it to pick up the design at all. AT ALL. I almost gave up and wrote it off as a dud. The stamper was super sticky but would not pick up the polish. So TO THE INTERNET. I looked into reviews of the stamper and noticed one that talked about priming the stamper. Apparently I needed to scuff it up with an emery board. BOOM. problem solved.
Then we were cooking with grease!

Once primed the stamper was picking up the designs almost perfectly. I didn't like the way a single design was looking on the nails so I stamped it on each nail a couple times.
I used Konad Special White to stamp and it's over top of Kinetics - Ice Smoothie.
The streaking has nothing to do with the stamper and everything to do with  my impatience.

This will definitely be my go-to stamper from now on.
Head over to the Born Pretty Store to get one of your own.
Use the Coupon Code CABK31 to get 10% off.

**This product was provided by the Born Pretty Store for my honest review**

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