Friday, August 21, 2015

Essie Sleek Stick - Sneek-e

Hey guys,

So these were given to me by my friend Nicole to try out since she always has gel nails so she really has no use for these.

Since they are Essie I was SO hoping that they would be the nail polish strips and not just flipping nail stickers.
No dice, these are stickers. Which means I'm probably going to hate them.

Sure enough I was hoping these puppies would last through my horse show in June but NOPE they lasted a DAY before they were peeling right off. I like the idea and the pattern but I HATE the stickers. They just don't last. After these peeled off I went and stole some old Sally Hansen nail strips my mom had gotten for christmas a couple years ago (You snooze you lose mom) And those worked perfect. Skip Essie, go for Sally Hansen

This is
Essie Sleek Stick - Sneek-e

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