Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Formula X - Marine

Hey guys,

So about a month ago now I had dragged the boyfriend into Sephora during a trip to the mall (I had wanted to go to the Lego store too) and while there I took a moment to browse the Formula X polishes which to be completely honest had never really tickled my fancy, they just seemed like a lot of what I already had. And after the debacle with the Sephora X Ariel polishes  - Also wtf Sephora no more Disney sets? How can you just QUIT like that?! - I just always passed them up however I was in a shopping mood. So I picked out three and they came home with me.

MAN IS MY MIND CHANGED. All I can say is that the impromptu polish purchase turned into me hopping on and ordering 10 more Formula X's mostly all on sale though.

I'm going to show you my favourite first. I was SO in love with this color, this was from the Seaglass Collection which is essentially sparkly matte glitters with no texture.

I LALALALALALAALLOVED this one. The application was great and wearing it just made me so happy. I didn't even get mad when it gave me smurf hands to remove.
This was two coats.

This is
Formula X - Marine

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