Monday, August 27, 2012

Golf Manicure

Hey guys,

Okay so first off I'm so sorry about the impromptu hiatus. It just seemed like every time I told myself hey go blog I just wound up getting sidetracked, plus I had a busy weekend.
Anyways what's new with me? Well once again I am a lone wolf at work. My neighbor has once more left me for greener pastures. I knew it was coming but it's still sad.

A couple weeks ago my work had it's golf tournament and these are the nails I had for it. And nope no one noticed. Actually that's a lie my friend's 2 year old noticed when I was babysitting her and her older brother that night. 

This is my Golf manicure

for this I used
China Glaze - Starboard (green)
Essie - Blanc
OPI - Skull & Glossbones (grey)

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