Monday, October 28, 2013

Villains: Cruella de Vil

Hey guys,

So this is actually the second Cruella manicure I did for this, I did her first then started doing the faces of everyone and realized I couldn't have Cruella be the only villain without a face. Even though it was unmistakeably her.

Cruella will ALWAYS remind me of my Auntie Pat (saying Auntie as a 24 year old sounds so weird but whatever) one year when I was young she dressed as Cruella for Halloween and it was AMAZING so this one is for her.

Cruella de Vil!

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  1. Wow you are really good with freehand. I would love to recreate this on my nails for Halloween because I am a Disney freak like that. I love Disney and any time I can incorporate it into my daily life, the better. My nails are short, but I think I want to try painting her on my thumbnails. At the least, I'm pinning this for a definite must try mani! This is so cute. I love the Disney Villains.


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