Monday, October 14, 2013

Villains: Darth Vader (and bonus Storm Trooper!)

Hey guys,

Well I hope everyone is having a great holiday Monday, assuming of course you have it off. 
Yesterday my friend and I did a fun little photo shoot at the barn with my boys. Okay it wasn't exactly fun, I spent the whole time wrestling with Breezer who refused to cooperate yet managed to look adorable in ALL his pictures. 

I love Darth Vader. I mostly think he's just really misunderstood and at key times in his life people didn't know how to handle him and it just pushed him off the edge.

Darth Vader! (and bonus Storm Trooper!)


  1. This is perfect for Halloween! I love the Darth Vader. Storm Troopers are cute too. This would be THE mani to wear to Star Wars Weekends at Disneyworld. If I ever go to that, these will be my nails. I love this.

  2. I just took a look at all the pics on Facebook! You two look lovely! I am glad he behaved himself without running away like a hilarious joker for them. :)


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