Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Villains: Sinestro

Hey guys,

So lately I have had some huge issues with my Cinderella hand breaking, particularly my index and middle finger, they are just ridiculously weak. So this weekend I decided to try using a UV polish on it to see if I can get them to grow, almost like I'm using the polish as a splint. Hopefully if I can get the splitty part to grow out I will have less of an issue. I will keep you guys updated on how that's going. Otherwise I may look into a gel overlay. We'll see.

Today's Villain is from The Green Lantern comics, if you've seen the movie but not read the books you'll probably be like wtf isn't Sinestro a good guy? Well he starts off that way but really with a name like Sinestro you had to know that wouldn't last.


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