Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cirque - Dark Horse

Hey guys,

So welcome to October. Fall seriously is my favourite season. Hello vampy colours and sweaters. My dad likes to say he hates fall because it means winter is coming. pffft BRING ON WINTER... Okay maybe not just yet. But with winter comes my birthday! Yay!

Moving on so about two weeks ago I got some Cirque nail mail! This is my first order from Cirque but I'm pretty certain it won't be my last! I only ordered 3 polishes but I'm trying to be good so I don't feel guilty when I order all of the A England Gothic Beauties. 

This is

Cirque - Dark Horse

I didn't realized when I ordered Dark Horse that it was just a glitter. But this is awesome 2 coats and it was pretty much fully opaque. So pretty I got so many compliments on this one at work. 

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