Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cult Nails - Princess

Hey guys,

So normally this would wrap up a week of swatching but like I said this was a week plus 1 so tomorrow will mark the last day.

So when I was on my mission to buy Flushed. I discovered that at that time you could only buy it as part of the whole Behind Closed Doors collection which was at a special price. Which considering I only wanted the one polish was more than I wanted to spend. I had to have Flushed though. Free shipping for Cult nails starts at $75. I am a terrible sucker for free shipping. and I only needed $35 more dollars to qualify (I'm such an idiot) So that was at least 3 more polishes. So I found Time Traveler that was easy. From there where did I go? Then I came across the Cult Fairytale collection. You guys know how I feel about Fairytales. Fortunately only 2 of the colours jumped out at me. This is the first one.

This is 
Cult Nails - Princess

To me naming a blue polish Princess seems a bit bizarre but then I think of Cinderella and my world tips back into place. This one is very pretty.


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