Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My First Julep Maven Box - With Swatches

Hey guys,

So I'm so stoked because I finally received my very first Julep Maven Box

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So I was very excited to see my Maven box arrive because it seems like I had been waiting forever! (I'm just impatient)
I ordered the Classic with a Twist box this time around.
In my box I received 2 polishes, a cuticle oil and 2 glitter pots.

The cuticle oil smells great and I'm sure I will get a lot of use out of it. I love the glitter pots too. 
When I initially pulled out the polishes I did the wow! I have nothing like these! Upon closer inspection that's only true of one of them.

First up we have Alfre.
A dusty silver purple brushed metallic polish.
This was not my favourite formula. I don't have a problem with polishes where you can see the brush strokes but this was a pain. It was runny and wanted to all gather in one spot. Thankfully the second coat seemed to even things out.

While I was swatching this I couldn't help but be reminded of China Glaze Avalanche. So I decided to compare swatch sticks. While not dead on dupes (Alfre is a lighter purple) there is no way I could tell these two apart from a distance. I'd say if you already have one you don't need the other.

Second we have Jodie
Jodie makes up for everything that Alfre lacked. Jodie is a beautiful dusty rose colour with a gold shimmer. The formula was great and application was a breeze. I can definitely see myself wearing this a lot, or even my mom stealing this for herself.

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  1. With longer slim bottles like Julep's, what is the brush like? I almost assume it's long like a lip glass from Mac! I am too clumsy for Alfie, I could see me streaking my application similar to OPI Moonraker, but Jodie is SO pretty! It looks amazeballs with your skin tone!


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