Thursday, January 3, 2013

Deborah Lippmann - Modern Love

Hey guys,

So I just recently dipped my toes in the Deborah Lippmann pond for the first time. I seem to recall going on a rant a few months ago about I though Deborah Lippmann polishes were nice but not worth the hefty price tag or something like that. So when Nail Polish Canada recently had a 30% off of all DL stock for a limited time (like 4 days or something like that) I figured that it was the best time to see if they were really worth the extra dollars. I've wanted the True Blood DL's since I heard about them but for some reason NPC doesn't have them. So instead I picked up Mermaid's Dream & Modern Love. I had wanted Across the Universe but it was out of stock.

This is normally not a colour I would pick up, but Modern Love is the title of one of my favourite albums of all time (Matt Nathanson) so it was a good second choice. This was a colour that when I had it on my mom pretty much started drooling over to which my response was "Really?" It's a bit boring for me but as a base or as part as a funkier manicure it has potential.

This is
Deborah Lippman - Modern Love

I don't think I would have bought it had it not been on sale though. 

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